Rose, a class on it's own!

A very tasteful Champagne, which strikes to the imagination. Rosé Champagne is a class on its own. For the most exciting moments, this Champagne is a must.

A rosé can be made in different ways. The Champagne is the only region in which white wine may be combined with red wine, which creates Rosé Champagne. This method gives wonderful smooth Rosés.

Another option is the Rose Saignée. For this Rosé, the skins of the red grapes are added to the white wine during fermentation, which gives the characteristic color and tannins.

  • Rosé Orphise - J.M. Goulard

    Smooth, fruity and wonderfully aromatic. From a Champagnehouse that regularly wins awards!

    Dutch wine journalist Harold Hamersma writes "Discovery for this money. In exceptional care of everything."

  • Grand Cru Rosé - F. Barbier

    Smooth, slightly fruity and aromatic with a 'Dutch orange' color.

    Floriment Barbier also famous for producing Champagne for one of the world most famous pearl producers.