Tasting & Events


Tastings with passion! A beautiful product with rich history presented in a dignified way.

A tasting can be as active as one prefers. For example, it may be accompanied by a fun quiz, treasure hunt or Sabraging a bottle (uncork with a saber). Depending on the wishes and situation we have several options.

We have tastings for smaller groups, but also cater for groups on a large scale. The tasting can be accompanied by a more detailed presentation when appreciated.


Below, a number of tastings are listed. However, we are creative and flexible and are always eager to deliver customized solutions.

  • A tasting with a presentation on the different kinds and types of champagne.
  • A tasting with notes on the origin, history and/or production.
  • A pure culinary tasting with appropriate 'bites' in which we specifically address the combination of these with different champagnes.

Brouzje will provide you with a proposal after contacting us, no strings attached. So, please feel free to contact us and we will tell you what we can do for you!


There are several moments suitable for Champagne. It makes every occasion more festive. We provide Champagne on weddings, concerts and birthday parties, at home and on location. But even in the office, at openings or for example at a boat christening, Brouzje spices up the occation.

A small or great moment to celebrate?

Brouzje is the partner for those lovely occasions in which Champagne cannot be the absent guest! Together, we discuss the program and we give advise on how to take care of the event. We ensure that guests enjoy the event with delicious champagne.


To the left, we have listed a number of events. Every situation is different and therefore we always provide customization. Please feel free to contact us to tell us your ideas and requirements, without any obligation.

If required, we also provide a selection of appetizers. These can be made on the spot, so that it adds even more to the atmosphere of the occasion. Of course it is possible to combine a tasting with an event.