Show your business with class champagne


Especially for the business market, we offer specialized services too. Because also the business world is buzzing. As an entrepreneur, we know that we can give customers attention in many ways. Champagne is a product that fits perfectly with this. Brouzje sparkles in all veins and likes to to contribute to market your business.

Corporate supplier

It is possible to be your permanent partner for gifts and have them delivered directly to your desired location. Or we can taken care for your business event with Champagne combined with a presentation. Or organize a tasting at the office We can arrange the total catering.

Also, we can deploy a chef for delicious bites, or our butler service for more cachet and convenience.


In a restaurant it comes to enjoying and the attention for each other. For a nice toast and quality time!

We provide the most delicious champagne as an aperitif and dinner. We are now in a number of (Michelin) restaurants on the menu where they find quality and service important. They work with passion and fun practising their profession.

Also interested in our champagne for your restaurant, please do not hesitate to contact us!