Brouzje takes privacy very seriously and has established the following privacy policy. There should be no misunderstanding by the visitors to Brouzje about the safety of the familiar in our customer data.


Brouzje find the quality of services and products very important. This means that we want to be as complete as possible. Brouzje also wants its total products and service offerings continually improve, expand and adapt to the specific needs of its customers. By collecting certain data we get an image of the preferences and interests of our visitors. This allows us to supply as well as possible the wishes according service and information. Such as offering newsletters, expanding our range with more services and information and providing more information.

Customer Details

Brouzje processes personal data in order to process the order and to inform about the activities, products and services Brouzje to the customer.

The information collected is owned by the Brouzje. The information is never sold to third parties or leased. Via Brouzje unsolicited advertising or unsolicited e-mail from unknown third parties is sent.

IP address

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that represents a website or computer on the internet. ADSL users have a fixed IP address, users of an analog or ISDN modem get every time they dial a specific number an assigned IP addresses from the file that has a provider at its disposal.

Consumption data

Each server (www, ftp, smtp, pop3, news and chat servers) where it is logged, record data on consumption, such as the type of connection, the phone (it is not logged if you have an unlisted number), the IP address visitor, import and logout (session duration) and the amount of information transmitted. Brouzje uses this data to identify and solve problems related to the connection, planning the network capacity, configuring the platform and the prevention of abuse. Other hand, these data provide information that can further improve Brouzje it's services


For electronic mail applies privacy of correspondence. That means Brouzje strictly keeps the contents of e-mails from its customers to Brouzje, secret. For the maintenance of the servers that handle the mail traffic, it is necessary that a small group of employees from Brouzje, administrators have access to these servers.