Celebrate your event with bubbles!

Party, Opening, Launch or Reception

All special events were we are a perfect partner to make it special. We have experience with a lot of different kind of events. And always we aim for your best experienced event!

A party is even more festive with bubbles

Whether a party is private such as a birthday or anniversary, or business such as an anniversary, Brouzje is your partner and advices how to give the party extra cachet! In our selection of champagnes, you find a number which combine well with cake or pastry. And we can provide full catering for your convenience, with or without live cooking with our chef.

Also we work with your partners you prefer.

Opening or launch, a start of something new!

First of all we toast with a glass of champagne!

Each opening and launch is exciting, the beginning of a new adventure or journey, and often an entire enterprise. This is a beautiful and important moment to celebrate together. Whether it's to celebrate the opening of a case, an event, show or new exhibition.

There are many moments in the year when new products come to market. Whether it is a new collection or product. But even a totally new service can be a reason for a champagne moment. Along with a host or hostess, we assure you a good launch with quality Champagne.

It's a very stylish way to launch and to share an important moment with each other by raising a glass of champagne together. We take care in matching the vibrant decor and could possibly complement the catering with lovely bites or a chef and/or butler.

An exellent champagne reception

A reception can be very different in character. No matter how intimate or how big the reception is we will make sure it all suits your wishes.

A glass of champagne is a celebratory, as an opening or just a moment just to stand still as farewell reception. Lifting a glass of champagne always fits with the character of a special moment.

Many possibilities also with chef, catering or even a butler!

There are many opportunities to dress up the event with Champagne whether it's at home or on location. A lot is possible. Together we discuss your wishes and goal. And if desired, even with chef and/or butler!

Tailored to the needs, we offer our idea for you.

Brouzje is happy to give her advice and shares her experiences, so in every case will we ensure you that it will be great event to remember.