Hinke de Jong Dutch Champagne Ambassador 2015!

Hinke de Jong Dutch Champagne Ambassador 2015!

Concours des Ambassadeurs du Champagne

Since 2005 the Comité Champagne organizes a European competition to determine the ultimate Champagne ambassador. With a unique competition extra attention will be paid to passionate professionals who contribute to the expansion of knowledge of champagne.

Prior to the start of European competitions, national competitions are first held. This year, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands are part where every three nominated candidates compete against each other. Among the Dutch finalists were this year Rob Voorzee, Guillaume Coret and our Hinke de Jong.

Theme 2015: Reserve Wijn

The main theme this year is the reserve wines in the art of assembling. Candidates have to describe the role and distinctive features of the different types of wines (Base Wine and Reserve Wine) explaining the assembly process. Additionally explaining the Reserve Qualitative Individuelle. They also discuss four champagnes, combined with the theme, with a suggested wine-food pairing. All this in 20 minutes, and in the simplest way possible. In short, a real challenge for such a technical subject!

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Champagne Ambassador of The Netherland 2015!

Although the theme of the competition this year was a challenge, Hinke won the title for Dutch Champagne ambassador in 2015! She was praised for its clear presentation and substantive arguments. Despite her good preparation, Hinke is still hugely surprised:

“I am so incredibly happy with this title. I feel honored and proud to be this year the Champagne Ambassador of The Netherlands. The final task was tough, but maybe because the feeling is now more overwhelming.”

Monday in France was already the winner declared, in The Netherlands Tuesday, Wednesday in Belgium and in the rest of the month, all national finalists will be known.

Exciting European final in Champagne

In October is the European competition in which the national finalists will compete against each other. In addition, the theme Reserve Wine will be again central. The nine candidates will have to take the diversity, evolution and composition under scope. They must rely on their own personal knowledge to explain the role and the taste of Reserve Wine.

This unforgettable experience will off course occur in the Champagne region. The most prestigious wineries will open their cellars for the participants who will enjoy exclusive and unpublished tastings. The European final week of discovery ends with the crowning of the European Champagne Ambassador 2015. We are already very curious and Hinke is looking forward!

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