Taste different champagnes, explore and excite the senses. Together enjoying special and exclusive 'boutique' champagnes. Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Rosé Champagne to Demi-Sec Champagne.

Enjoy and experience

A Champagne tasting we shape in many ways. Obviously depending on your wishes we offer different Champagnes. We explain more about Champagne so you get to know more about this special wine. In this way are much favorite champagnes discovered.


Sabrage is spectacular and fantastic to experience for yourself. You can experience your home tasting it yourself now. We assist you with this, then you can call itself officially sabreur.

Champagne Quiz

And if you want a fun character to give the evening then we have the champagne quiz for you. We have nice questions and a nice champagne price in store for you.


We will pass on your location. Also, we can find a suitable location in your area for you.


A private tasting at your home location is already available for € 17,50 per person. Also it does depend on the amount of guests. For business tastings please contact us.

Culinary Chef & Butler Service

To make the Champagne tasting even more special we can serving you some matching bites and snacks. These can even be prepared on the spot for an extra festive touch. Our Chef understands the culinary arts, and always knows a superb way to present it.

We also have Butler service available. This gives your Champagne tasting even more cachet. Also great when added convenience is desired.