We have a lot of experience with the most beautiful places in Champagne. And are of course familiar with the many Champagne houses and producers as well as the various activities in the region to do so.

We have some great packages. If required, we apply this further. It is also possible to arrange a fully customized program by us.

Whatever you choose, you are going to meet wonderful days in this charming region. Enjoying between vineyards, pampered by what the region has to offer. We provide you with a memorable champagne trip!


Our packages are carefully composed. We stand for quality and service. That means regardless of the choice you make, you are assured of that. The difference in prices is based on the facilities and the location of the accommodation. In all cases, it's at convenient locations.


  • Accommodation of your choice for 2 nights (not necessarily at the weekend to be)
  • Visit a great Champagne house
  • Visit a small champagne producer
  • Visit to the Cathedral Notre Dame with audio guide
  • Visit to one of the following museums; Reims Museum of Fine Arts, Foujita Chapel, Saint Remi Museum, Musée de la Reddition (surrender WWII), Fort de la Pompelle, Planetarium, or Palace of Tau (Archbishop's Palace)

Prices of accommodation

The prices are based on our own transport and use of one room for two people. Upon request we provide the price for single occupancy.

The prices are "from prices" since certain dates may vary slightly in price. We check this as soon as we receive your data.

  • 3 *** Hotel in Reims or Epernay € 295 p.p.
  • 4 **** Hotel in Reims € 395 p.p.
  • 4 **** Hotel in Epernay € 425 p.p.

Additional options

In Champagne there are many activities and entertainment options. We have listed some here. If you have other needs we like to hear from you. On the bottom of this page we have more inspiring options for you.

  • Picnic with half a bottle of champagne - for 2 persons - € 38,50 pp
  • Bike tour with guide in Reims - 2 hours - € 49,50 pp
  • Mountainbike guided tour through the vineyards with a visit to a champagne producer - 3 hours - € 64 pp
  • 4-course dinner at Michelin restaurant with 1 glass of champagne in Reims € 79.50 pp
  • 4-course dinner in restaurant quality with one glass of Champagne in Epernay € 74 pp
  • Visit to exclusive tree house champagne in magical forest with 1 glass of champagne € 19.50 pp
  • Hike 2,2 kilometer with a guide through the vineyards - 2,5 hours - € 9,5 pp
  • Lunch and dinner reservations € 12 per booking


If you prefer a 5 ***** hotel, a more rural castle or beautiful B & B? Whether you're with a group, private or business? Then we will make an special offer for you.

You can email us your requirements. We will contact you shortly.

The costs are € 230 per application. This we charge if you do not accept the proposal. If you book these costs will be canceled and you pay the cost of your own custom trip.

Reims or Epernay

Both places are worth visiting. Reims is the capital of the region. Epernay and is called the heart of the Champagne. Reims is where it's nice in the evenings to enjoy the many restaurants, Champagne bars, cafes and terraces in nice weather and the Christmas market at the end of the year.

Epernay is a very charming and well-organized little village with the Avenue de Champagne. Here are the most stately Champagne houses situated below the mileage full champagne cellars. Here are also some very good restaurants and champagne bars. Of course smaller and cozy. Also here you find the best annual culinary theatre and champagne festival, Habits de Lumière. An outright winner to pamper all the senses.


During a weekend Champagne you will discover a small champagne producer, often for generations in the family. He or she tells you about the champagne process, the nature and details of this mode of production. Obviously your visit ends with a tasting of some champagnes from the house.

Also, we like to introduce you to a very known Champagne house. You will see that this gives a whole different experience. An absolute must to experience the Champagne live in an impressive way.

During a Champagneweekend it's interesting to visit the city and cathedral of coronations, Reims! You will also find interesting museums that are worth a visit. And what about a nice stroll down the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. Also known as the heart of the Champagne.

In the region, the special "Route Touristique ' is signposted. You can experience on pleasant way the area and enjoy the beautiful views of the vineyards.

While visiting the Champagne the culinary many not be lacking. The French spoil you with delicious dishes of course with matching Champagnes.

And with good weather a picnic with phenomenal views over the vineyards is a must. Or what about a particular bar / restaurant in a luxury tree-house with panoramic views of Champagne. So we can provide every day a special culinary experience for you.

Other inspiring options

As the region has a diverse nature and history, there are a lot of activities and entertainment options to do so. We mention some extra addition to the above for inspiration. The choice is yours!

  • 4WD tour with champagne producer from the wine fields
  • Wellness; sauna, massage, jacuzzi, beauty treatment
  • Balloon ride over the vineyards with a glass of champagne - 4 hours -
  • Workshop with champagne and tasting expert - at least 2 hours -
  • Cookery possibly with truffles, champagne and other local products and visit the market
  • Activities with children