F. Barbier

1911 Floriment Barbier started on a beautiful place his Champagnehouse. Barbier has been well established by always offering quality. And up to this day, this is a Grand Cru producer and meets the highest available class.

Barbier is a family business

The children of Floriment Barbier, Fabien, Floriane, Flaviènne and Florys have now taken over the company. Fabien is managing the daily operation. With fun and humor, he knows how to give their Champagnehouse color. He even had a guest role in a film by the famous Louis de Funès.

The Champagne of French Chateaus

Barbier now has a wide audience. Also a Japanese producer of cultured pearls who gives this Champagne internationally to its customers. Also in the graceful French 'chateaux' around Paris this is the beloved Champagne.

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