About Brouzje

About Brouzje

Brouzje is an importer and distributor of Champagne and sells on-line direct to consumers and business customers. We also provide champagne for events on location, which can be combined with presentations and sabrage. Next to this, we provide tastings, trips and weekends away in the Champagne for both private Champagne lovers and professionals.

Brouzje represents a vibrant life!

Brouzje only imports and sells Champagne from the small Champagne producers who do the entire process from grape to Champagne in-house. Knowing the Champagne producer, their background and the informal contact is what makes it personal. The Champagnes are characterized as very tasteful and very refined.

Core values : passion, pure and professional!

Origin and curriculum

Brouzje is led by Hinke de Jong. She has a background in business services and has a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, raised in a family of entrepreneurs and close to nature. She is inspired by her contacts and environment. Quality, ambition and commitment characterize her.

She was drawn into the Champagne and has continuously formed Brouzje. The growing love for Champagne, the people, the product and the region provide an enormous motivation to keep specializing in Champagne. For her, Brouzje means making dreams come true!

  • Hinke is thé Champagne Ambassador for The Netherlands 2015!
  • Since 2014 Brouzje delivers to several Michelin star restaurants in The Netherlands.
  • Since 2014 is Brouzje the Champagne home-deliverer for the French Embassy in The Hague.
  • In May 2014 Brouzje was nominated for the Startup Award of the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. "Bustling company that allows The Netherlands to get acquainted with fine champagnes."
  • In December 2013, one of the Champagnes of Brouzje was chosen the unanimous winner in the annual Champagne test, determined by Dutch wine professionals - including Perswijn - and published in de Dutch Journal De Telegraaf.
  • Early 2013, Hinke was a jury member for the first Benelux finals Champagne Competition for hotel schools. The task for the chef cook, commis and sommelier was to provide a four-course Champagne dinner with the use of local products and matching Champagnes.
  • In 2013 and 2012, Hinke was a finalist in the competition for Champagne Ambassador of the Netherlands by the Champagne Bureau. In this competition, it is important to present knowledge on a specific topic and present the provided Champagnes to the jury with wine-food pairing. Both had to be completed in a very limited time span in an appealing way.
  • Hinke is Chevalier-Sabreur of the Confrérie Sabre d'Or, which means she is allowed to teach others how to sabrage. As a Confrere she hands the sabreurs the diploma afterwards, and they are ceremonially knighted.
  • In September 2011 Brouzje was founded by Hinke de Jong and nowadays consists of a team of independent professionals.
Brouzje shares its discoveries and is in favor of celebrating the small and big moments and that's why we love to bring sparkling gold to you!